librime 是 Rime,包括各个系统上的桌面版,Squirrel(鼠须管) 等等依赖的核心库。


首先要安装 Xcode 和命令行工具,以及必要的编译工具:

brew install cmake git

Get the code


git clone --recursive

or download from GitHub, then get code for third party dependencies separately.

Install Boost C++ libraries

安装 Boost 库,Boost 库是一个 C++ 的第三方库,Rime 大量地依赖了这个库。

选择一 (推荐): 下载源码,手工编译:

cd librime
make xcode/thirdparty/boost

The make script will download Boost source tarball, extract it to librime/thirdparty/src/boost_<version> and create needed static libraries for building macOS uinversal binary.

Set shell variable BOOST_ROOT to the path to boost_<version> directory prior to building librime.

export BOOST_ROOT="$(pwd)/thirdparty/src/boost_1_75_0"

选择 2: 从 Homebrew 安装 Boost 库:

brew install boost

如果你只想编译,并且安装到自己的 macOS 上,这是一个节省时间的选择。通过 Homebrew 中的 Boost 编译安装的 librime 可能不能在其他机器上完美的工作。

Built with Homebrewed version of Boost, the librime binary will not be portable to machines without certain Homebrew formulae installed.

选择 3: Install an older version of Boost libraries from Homebrew.

Starting from version 1.68, boost::locale library from Homebrew depends on icu4c, which is not provided by macOS.

Make target xcode/release-with-icu tells cmake to link to ICU libraries installed locally with Homebrew. This is only required if building with the librime-charcode plugin.

To make a portable build with this plugin, install an earlier version of boost that wasn’t dependent on icu4c:

brew install boost@1.60
brew link --force boost@1.60

Build third-party libraries

Required third-party libraries other than Boost are included as git submodules:

# cd librime

# if you haven't checked out the submodules with git clone --recursive ..., do:
# git submodule update --init

make xcode/thirdparty

This builds libraries located at thirdparty/src/*, and installs the build artifacts to thirdparty/include, thirdparty/lib and thirdparty/bin.

You can also build an individual library, eg. opencc, with:

make xcode/thirdparty/opencc

Build librime

make xcode

This creates build/lib/Release/librime*.dylib and command line tools build/bin/Release/rime_*.

Or, create a debug build:

make xcode/debug

Run unit tests

make xcode/test

Or, test the debug build:

make xcode/test-debug

Try it in the console

  cd debug/bin;
  echo "congmingdeRime{space}shurufa" | Debug/rime_api_console

Use it as REPL, quit with Control+d:

(cd debug/bin; ./Debug/rime_api_console)